Rewamped, restarted, redone … back in black!

A lot has been going on in the life of Thorarinn Leifsson in the last year. First a divorce after eighteen years of marriage with a subsequent move back to Iceland from Berlin. Then followed by a new part time occupation as a tour guide in the Icelandic highlands – this may prove to be interesting to those who read the last chapter of The Evacuation of Iceland that came out in November 2017.

Iceland evacuated!

The Evacuation of Iceland came out in November 2017. The entire population of Iceland (340.000) is transported to a former airfield in the middle of Berlin. It is a somewhat political tale, critical of modern Iceland were a handful of investment enterprises are accumulating most of the wealth while the public is blinded by consumerism that may eventually lead to its downfall. The novel harvested excellent reviews and was praised for its black humor and creative vision. You can read more about that on the book’s homepage or just go straight ahead and read the first chapter.

Readings and workshops in Berlin

Within the frames of a Nordic Book festival named „Into-the-wind“ I have now finished two readings and workshops in Berlin for young students and must say that I was very pleasantly surprised by how smart and open the educators in my home city turned out to be – Experiences in other parts of Germany such as Cologne had led me to believe that German teachers and librarians were conservative and far to easily shocked. Continue reading “Readings and workshops in Berlin”

Interview in Politiken, Denmarks main newspaper

Thórarinn Leifsson gained impressive coverage in the Danish newspaper Politiken in the middle of december 2009 on account of Father’s Big Secret. Not only was there a two-page interview in the paper’s literary supplement, but Leifsson’s drawings also graced the front pages of both the main paper and the literary supplement. 

> You can read it in danish here.

Continue reading “Interview in Politiken, Denmarks main newspaper”